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Our EAP services help support both the employee and employer in order to promote a healthier workplace.

The personal well-being of employees has a direct impact on their performance in the workplace. Helping employees address the challenges they face leads to a happier, healthier, and safer work environment.

21st Century EAP Greater-Pittsburgh Service Provider

Why Choose
21st century EAP for your company?

Our team is comprised of skilled, Master’s level clinicians with years of experience providing EAP counseling, training, and mental health counseling.

We have expertise in a variety of areas and experience working with employees from CEOs to line workers.


Counseling services through 21st Century EAP are free of charge to you and your immediate household members as a benefit from your employer in our program.


We offer a variety of seminars and in-depth training on a variety of topics and workplace issues. We’ll work with you to customize our program to your needs and goals.

Crisis Response

Our Crisis response services are available when there has been a workplace trauma or crisis. The use of the EAP in response to a crisis can significantly help accelerate recovery

You Deserve The Support

We Are Here
For You​

You Deserve The Support

We Are Here
For You​



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