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What is EAP?

Employee Assistance Progam

Helping the Human Side of Companies

21st Century EAP is a workplace program that helps employees and their immediate household members address personal concerns such as marital or family issues, depression, anxiety, substance use, stress management, or other issues that may be affecting job performance.

21st Century EAP also helps employers address workplace issues through consultation, training, and on-site crisis response.

EAP provides confidential short-term counseling, assessment, and referrals. It is an employer-paid benefit, which means that is free to the employee and their immediate household members. It is a non-medical benefit and is separate from health insurance.


Employee Assistance Program

EAP helps Employees

Reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, lower health care costs, and decrease disability costs.

EAP helps Employees

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified job-related stress as the leading workplace health problem. The CDC recognizes that poor mental health and stress can negatively affect employees in areas such as job performance and productivity, communication and engagement with co-workers as well as have a long-term impact on physical and mental health resulting in increased absenteeism.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 1 in 5 adults will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. Of those, more than half will remain untreated. When employees receive treatment for their mental health, it helps to  reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, lower health care costs, and decrease disability costs.

Long-term stress can contribute to serious physical health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease as well as mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

EAP Helps Management

21st Century EAP offers a wide variety of training to help employers and employees with a number of work/life issues and we can customize training to meet the specific needs of your organization. From workplace harassment to dealing with difficult people, we can help! Managers have unlimited access to the EAP for a consultation to help resolve issues in the workplace before they become performance issues.

  • Each manager spends about 25% of their time handling performance issues, co-worker conflicts, and other workplace disruptions associated with personal or interpersonal issues.
  • 22% of employee unscheduled absences are due to family problems. Studies show that workplace stress and burnout, low morale, and illness or injury are other leading causes of absenteeism.
  • There is an increased awareness of the risk of workplace violence, including the impact of intimate partner violence on the workplace.
  • The vast majority of families with children include parents who both work; many women who work have children under age 6.
  • There are now five generations in the workforce, making it more complex than ever. Organizations recognize the importance of leading a multigenerational workforce, but not all have the tools to navigate the complexities.

EAP helps Management

Managers spend about 25% of their time handling workplace issues associated with personal or interpersonal issues.

EAP Increases Revenue

On average, for every $1 spent on EAP, companies see a $3 return on their investment.

EAP Increases Revenue

The Employee Assistance Trade Association reported an average $3 return for every $1 invested in the EAP.  In the same study, when employees were recommended to the EAP by their supervisor for job performance problems, then the return on investment changed to $13.00 for every dollar invested.

The EAP works as a consultant to the human side of the business. The EAP helps support both the employee and the employer and promotes a healthy workplace environment.

Professional services

For The Human-Side of Business


Counseling services through 21st Century EAP are free of charge to you and your immediate household members as a benefit from your employer in our program.


We offer a variety of seminars and in-depth training on a variety of topics and workplace issues. We’ll work with you to customize our program to your needs and goals.

Crisis Response

Our Crisis response services are available when there has been a workplace trauma or crisis. The use of the EAP in response to a crisis can significantly help accelerate recovery

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