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Frequently Asked Questions

“Employee Assistance Program”

EAP is a program that provides confidential short-term counseling, assessment, and referral.

It is an employer-paid benefit, which means that is free to you and your immediate household members.

It is a non-medical benefit and is separate from your health insurance.

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Employees and family members face stress on a daily basis, both at work and outside of the workplace. Left unaddressed, these stressors can become overwhelming.

The EAP is designed to help you find solutions for issues such as: managing stress, family issues, parenting problems, grief, anxiety, substance abuse, co-worker issues, depression, work-life balance, or any other personal concerns.

This program is designed to help the employee find ways to get the help needed to solve problems.  Sometimes, you receive information that helps; other times, you may need to talk to one of our EAP counselors to figure out what is the best course of action.

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21st Century EAP services are completely confidential. Your employer will not know that you or your family member accessed any services through the EAP.

Since this a non-medical benefit, we contract with your employer on the basis of units utilized. No names are attached to billing as they would be with a medical service. Our counselors are subject to State mandatory reporting laws.

When employees are able to solve problems and generally take better care of themselves, they function better on the job and have fewer healthcare problems.

If your company has a contract with us, you can request services by filling out the Service Request Form.

Over 90% of employees and family members call our toll-free number (1-800-825-5327) on their own to seek help.

We are not permitted by law to release any information about your situation without your consent.

In other words, your involvement with 21st Century EAP is kept completely confidential. Your employer does not have access to your EAP records.

There are some general exceptions that all healthcare professionals (clinicians) must follow. This includes mandatory reporting of child abuse and a  duty-to-warn, in the event that someone is a danger to themselves or others.

All of our service providers have Masters degrees and are licensed in their respective fields – Counseling, Social Work, and Psychology.

All of our EAP counselors are experienced in providing EAP counseling. Their areas of emphasis vary from working with children, whole-family units, and individual adults.  They are experienced in addressing an array of issues such as grief, loss, substance abuse, anxiety, adult adjustment, stress, depression, eldercare, etc.

Should your needs exceed what can be provided through your EAP counseling benefits, our counselors will provide appropriate referrals.

If your company has a contract with us, you would call our toll-free number at 1-800-825-5327 or click on the “Request for Services” tab on our website to register online. Requesting services, either by telephone or online, will give you the opportunity to talk with one of our Initial Contact Specialists to help determine your needs. They can help match you to an appropriate counselor as well as an office nearest to you.

Professional services

For The Human-Side of Business


Counseling services through 21st Century EAP are free of charge to you and your immediate household members as a benefit from your employer in our program.


We offer a variety of seminars and in-depth training on a variety of topics and workplace issues. We’ll work with you to customize our program to your needs and goals.

Crisis Response

Our Crisis response services are available when there has been a workplace trauma or crisis. The use of the EAP in response to a crisis can significantly help accelerate recovery

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