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Your counseling services through 21st Century EAP are FREE of charge to you and your immediate household members as a benefit from your employer.

Our counselors are available for face-to-face sessions as well as virtually and telephonically. These services are completely confidential.

Life is Challenging,

You are Not Alone



We all know that every job comes with some levels of stress. With every job comes expectations, performance pressures, timelines, and demands. This alone can be stressful for many people, but when tense-pressures go above normal for an extended time (or is an ongoing “norm”) this level of work-related stress can have a negative impact on an individual’s physical, emotional, and mental health. 

We tackle an array of Work-Related issues included: Stress, Performance issues, Relationship difficulties, Employee conflicts, and Management issues.


Life can be complicated and we recognize that individuals do not exist in a vacuum. Our counselors develop a strategic plan that’s personalized to your specific needs and struggles. 

Our experts are experienced with an array of personal issues that include: Stress, Relationship issues, Anxiety, Depression, Parenting, and Separation/Divorce.


Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Balance is key, but it’s often easier said than done. When everything seems to be biding for your attention, finding a balance with your time, relationships and commitments can be overwhelming.

We can help you achieve that balance you seek in your life with proven techniques that will help you will help you Set Priorities, Set & Reach Achievement Goals, Find Enjoyment, Access Resources, and have peace of mind.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can feel like a personal prison. Many people that struggle in this area often feel shame, embarrassment, and hopelessness. Left untreated, substance abuse leads to a deterioration in work performance, relationships, and physical health.

We understand your struggle. Our experts can provide assistance in finding the right treatment plan in helping you find freedom again. 

Substance Abuse

Grief And Loss

Grief and Loss

Grief is often experienced when the passionate enduring you feel when a person or thing you love is removed. You may encounter a wide range of troublesome and unforeseen feelings, from stun or outrage to mistrust, blame, and significant sadness.

Any loss can cause grief, including:
  • Divorce or relationship breakup
  • Loss of health
  • Losing a job
  • Loss of financial stability
  • A miscarriage
  • Retirement
  • Death of a pet
  • Loss of a cherished dream
  • A loved one’s serious illness
  • Loss of a friendship
  • Selling the family home

Grief, if prolonged, can directly impact your emotional, mental, and physical health. We can help you work through this process and find joy again.


There are times in life when we might encounter an experience that impacts our lives in traumatic ways. For many, it seems to keep a tight grip on their lives, making it feel as though they will never be able to move on.

As impossible as it may seem, there is hope and you can move forward. We will give you the right tools and help that will begin to diminish that feeling and overcome this stronghold in your life.


Eldercare Concerns

Eldercare Concerns

We understand that family plays a big role in our mental, emotional health. Caring for our elderly family members, however, brings a unique set of concerns and struggles.

Our team provides assistance in helping you find elderly related resources related to your specific situation. We can also help in the process of making family decisions to care for a parent in your home or in a supervised facility.

Professional services

For The Human Side of Business


Counseling services through 21st Century EAP are free of charge to you and your immediate household members as a benefit from your employer.


We offer a variety of seminars and in-depth training on a variety of topics and workplace issues. We’ll work with you to customize our program to your needs and goals.

Crisis Response

Our Crisis response services are available when there has been a workplace trauma or crisis. The use of the EAP in response to a crisis can significantly help accelerate recovery

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