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Customized Seminars and Workshops

Workplace Wellness Seminars

Workplace Wellness Seminars

Our Workplace Wellness seminars are typically an hour, or less, in length. We can provide these seminars as a lunch-and-learn or in conjunction with a safety meeting. We are also available for on-site health fairs.

Our staff of presenters covers relevant topics for the organization, such as stress management, work/life balance, time management. 

In addition, we also offer more in-depth training on additional topics specific to your business needs.
See below: Workplace Training Program

Workplace Training Programs

Our workplace training programs are more in-depth than the workplace wellness seminars. They can be structured to meet the needs of the organization, but include topics such as dealing with difficult people, workplace harassment, communication skills, managing stress, and burnout..

Our team will work with your business to develop a program that meets your needs and goals.

Management Consultation

We are also available for management consultations on an unlimited basis at no extra charge.

Workplace Training Programs

Professional services

For The Human Side of Business


Counseling services through 21st Century EAP are free of charge to you and your immediate household members as a benefit from your employer.


We offer a variety of seminars and in-depth training on a variety of topics and workplace issues. We’ll work with you to customize our program to your needs and goals.

Crisis Response

Our Crisis response services are available when there has been a workplace trauma or crisis. The use of the EAP in response to a crisis can significantly help accelerate recovery

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