IPV and the Workplace

intimate partner violence - 21st century eap.

It is also important to know your workplace policies to protect you and your entire workplace.

Kids and Bullying

kids and bullying - 21st century eap

“Bullying Prevention Month” gives us the opportunity to focus on an issue that has a significant impact on our youth.

3 Tips to Eat Healthier at Work

3 tips to eat healthier at work- 21st century eap

Eating healthy and being at work may sound like two mutually exclusive ideas…..BUT it’s not! I’ve worked in corporate settings for over 12 years and have seen lots of opportunities for making healthy eating even easier in the workplace. That’s why I’m sharing my 3 best tips to make eating healthy at work radically easier! […]

Coping with Current Events

coping with current events - 21st century eap

It’s normal to feel distressed and concerned by what we are watching unfold. Here are 5 tips to help you cope.

13 Holiday Wellness Tips

12 Holiday Wellness Tips - 21st Century EAP

The holiday season often brings with it added stress and anxiety. Here are 13 Tips to help you cope through the holidays.